Born in Middlesex on 19 December 1942, Dexter Brown never wanted to do anything else but paint. By the age of eight he was painting in oils and, after attending the Harrow School of Art he discovered, among other things, a passion for the racing car.

Today Dexter Brown is one of the most widely respected motor racing artists in the world. He loves painting racing cars because of the opportunities offered to play with light.

He paints the human face and body for the same reasons, and his landscapes reflect this too.

Dexter Brown is a painter of moving light. A many splendoured artist, Dexter has made his name with several different, often contrasting styles. Famed for the light-spattered and implicitly violent style of his motor racing work, he was also won recognition as a portrait painter in the worlds of high society, the theatre and rock music and – in his other persona, as the mysterious de Bruyne – has created impressionistic studies of idyllic Edwardian scenes combining machinery costume and nudity.

He is, in short, an artistic polymath. On whatever subject he works, in whatever medium, he rapidly develops a school which can only ever have one member – Dexter himself.

As a release and to recentre himself he would undertake projects away from his usual subject matter such as these game birds which work equally as well in a traditional setting as contemporary.

Being of an Abstract style they continue to draw the eye and retain your interest. Often imitated, but never bettered, his work is a testament to an extraordinary talent.

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