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Amanda and Björn Sjöling are partners in life and art. Living and working together in Poole, Dorset. They create their bronze sculptures in a self-built studio.

Björn has a natural affinity for all things mechanical. From a very young age, an old clock or carburettor would set him quietly dissecting for hours, happily lost in a maze of discovery. Over 40 years, this insatiable curiosity has equipped him with a remarkable skill set including a degree in engineering. This background proved essential in accomplishing the intricacies of their museum grade artworks.

Amanda has long been enchanted by the beauty of the natural world, osteology being of particular interest. She has a fascination for the human body, namely its role as an organism for living and especially as a vessel of expression.

Bones were a natural starting point for their sculptures, integrating their individual passions in the mechanical, anatomical and creative domains.


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