Living Art in Heddington - Pat BullPat Bull

Pat Bull graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 2010. He began working as a chaser, finishing bronzes at Talos Art Foundry in Hampshire, England. With nearly 10 years experience finishing sculptures Pat has developed a good eye for detail and honed his skills in bronze patina.  Over the past couple of years he has turned his skills to creating his own bronze wildlife sculpture.

Pat works primarily in bronze using the lost wax method to create high quality sculptures. Each piece is worked by hand to keep that personal feel. Every bronze is finished with a unique patina and sealed with a coat of wax to give them protection and a beautiful deep shine.

A big influence on Pat’s work is nature and the great outdoors. He has always enjoyed watching wildlife, particularly birds, they all have such unique personalities. Pat aims to capture those personalities and fleeting moments in his work, evoking a sense of movement and life in his sculpture.

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