Living Art - Steve BicknellSteve Bicknell

Steve Bicknell is a self-taught sculptor working in steel, concrete and bronze editions.

Heavily influenced by nature and complimented by his career as a corporate photographer from the early 80’s to the early 2000’s.

Steve’s style is very organic and a blend of his feelings towards Humanity and the Natural World.

His work is undertaken without any reference material with his hands responding to the clay.

Steve likes to work on the human form, often introducing elements related to nature. ‘’I prefer not to use any form of measurement; it bothers me not if arms or legs are out of proportion’’

He does not strive for technical perfection but to create a piece that has emotion. Steve Bicknell’s work primarily is for himself, as and when others are interested and wish to purchase, he is delighted and flattered but his main motivation is the pleasure and enjoyment of the creation.

Steve Bicknell Masks

Welcome to Living Art’s  presentation of Steve Bicknell’s masks.

The concept was to bring together five cultures from around the world, through the art of sculpture.

He is now pleased to be able to offer this work as sets taken from his original concrete and steel sculptures which have now been cast in Bronze.

The masks illustrated here are the first editions of five.

Any subsequent editions will have their own individual patination


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